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pillar of storgé

with a green flame torch on top

6 January
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Hi there. I'm just one of many wannabe artists out there and just one of many Harry Potter comickers(?). Most of them are much better artists and much cleverer that I am. I am jealous.

I have a person journal too, bearin, which has other Harry Potter art and icons I've made.

a lot of people ask if they can friend this journal, and the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY. please do. i can't friend everybody back, but i'm always glad to know people are actually reading this thing.

want to make icons out of anything? go right ahead...just be sure to credit pillarofstorge (cause, y'know, i drew it and everything).

i also love it when you leave comments, so please do.





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have any questions? concerns? ideas? you can either drop me a comment or send an email to pillarofstorge@hotmail.com.

and just in case there was any confusion, i don't own harry potter. i am not jk rowling. i am not warner bros. wish i was, though.